Ko Pha Ngan: When it’s not full moon.

Ever since the mid-80’s, Ko Pha Ngan has been a synonym for Full Moon Party. An island in the Gulf of Thailand, Ko Pha Ngan has a lot to offer to all kinds of visitors. Following are six equally amazing things that one can do whilst staying on this ethereal island:

1. Underwater Activities

snorkelling koh phangan
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With such clear visibility, it would be hard to not try snorkelling and/or scuba diving here. The marine life has a great variety of flora and fauna. There are a number of dive shops on the island. Enrolling oneself for a scuba diving course may well be a memorable lifetime experience.

2. Waterfall

waterfall koh phangan
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With so much to do on the island, one often misses visiting any of the waterfalls. Ko Pha Ngan is blessed with a couple of petite, yet gorgeous waterfalls – Than Sadet and Paradise. Visiting Than Sadet waterfall can be quite an adventurous picnic if you are accompanied by kids or elderly people. With clean water, bathing could be a good option. If you are looking for waterfall sans the crowd, head to Paradise waterfall (albeit it is nothing like the one we saw in the movie ‘Up’). It is a great spot to have a peaceful time in Ko Pha Ngan.

3. Secret Beaches

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Amongst the popular beaches in Ko Pha Ngan, there are a few pristine beaches that are not known to many. Away from the presence of any crowd, one can spend some quality time in the winsome beaches such as Leela Beach and Ao Plai Laem.

4. Fun Activities

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Ko Pha Ngan has something for everyone. If you are bored of the touristy hotspots, head for some fun activities. There are various Muay Thai Clubs where one can learn the Thai Martial Art. In case if you think that it is not worth it, you would be surprised to know that almost every UFC fighter is a well trained Muay Thai artist. Even if you are with kids, they will love it. There are also a couple of adventure parks where one can ride an ATV or do zip-lining. If you are short on time, spend a fun filled session at Phangan Jorkyball, where you can play two vs two football. Other options are Bow & Arrow Club for archery, and Minigolf to play golf (especially if you are a rookie or have never tried it before).

5. Water Park

Have you ever watched ‘Wipeout’, and felt like trying it someday? If yes, your wish can get fulfilled at Ko Pha Ngan. Named ‘The Challenge Pha Ngan’, it is a water hurdle course, where you have to reach from one point to another, clearing various obstacles.   It is, by far, my most favourite place on the exquisite island. For something less thrilling and more kids friendly, visit Water World or Slip N Fly.

6. Water Activities

Ko Pha Ngan has a bevy of water activities at its disposal. Jetski, fly board, SUP, Kite-surf are the more popular ones. You know what’s common amongst them? They are all pretty cheap here.

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