10 things to know before you go backpacking.

If you’re ever planning to go on a backpacking trip the bookmark this post and come back to it. Here we are going to share tricks all backpackers must know and use to make the best of their trips.

1.Download Maps.me 

Backpackers don’t always have the luxury of internet connection. Finding locations without internet connection becomes a tedious task. But thanks to offline maps, such situations can be avoided. When it comes to offline maps, there is no better application than Maps.me. One can download the map of whichever location(s) one is planning to visit, when one has access to Internet. It tells us about nearby points of interest, ATMs, hotels, and is way more precise than Google maps.

2. Roll the clothes

A lot has already been said and written about this really smart travel hack, yet many backpackers tend to avoid it. Rolling your clothes will save you a bunch of space, and can allow you to carry a 50 litre backpack instead of that 60 litre one. So, indirectly, this hack would also help you carry less weight.

3. Carry quick-dry, lightweight clothes

One of the biggest mistake one makes while backpacking is to carry cotton clothes. Sure, they are inexpensive and light in weight, but they easily get dirty. As a result, one has to carry a bevy of clothes. Rather, invest in some good quality, quick-dry clothes. They shall go a long way.

4. Carry a helmet 

If you are looking to hitchhike on a bike, carry a helmet. Forget what the traffic rules say, wearing a helmet whilst riding a bike even as a pillion is vital for your own safety.

5. Couchsurfing

If there would be an award for a most genius travel business idea, the founders of Couchsurfing would win it. For the uninitiated, Couchsurfing, like Airbnb, is a medium through which a traveller can request a local to stay with them. There is no better way to experience the local culture than to stay with a local. And if you get to stay with them for free, it is only an icing on the cake.

6. Carry minimal, but interesting gifts.

Whilst backpacking, you will come across some really amazing people. As a memorabilia, it is always a nice gesture to gift them something. Do consider this hack if you intend to use Couchsurfing.

7. Purchase a Polaroid camera 

In addition to the previous point, get yourself a Polaroid camera. Its instant self-developing film feature makes a great gift for your new friend. Also, it saves you from carrying all those gifts.

8. Distribute your money

Warren Buffett had rightly said, “Never put all your eggs in one basket.” Keep your money at different places. In case of a robbery, you would not be left with nothing.

9. Do what the locals do

The real essence of backpacking is to experience the local culture, people, and food. If you want to have Pasta while travelling in a suburban region of China, or learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Thailand, you are not really backpacking.

10. Use Carabiner to lock your bags

For thieves, it is easy to steal your bag and disappear. But if you use a carabiner to lock your bag with something else, the thief will have a really tough time to steal your bag.

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